plane in the sky

Type of Services Offered:

Airline start-up.

  • route feasibility studies
  • business plans
  • sales & marketing plans

Due diligence.

  • Route licensing
  • aircraft selection
  • ground handling

Reservation procedures.

  • IATA aspects and practices

Personnel recruitment and selection.

plane flying

Specific Activities Include:

Airline start-up and expansion.

  • Obtaining government authorities
  • ground handling contacts
  • fuelling
  • catering
  • customs clearances
  • ground engineering and maintenance contracts.

Airline and aircraft finance.

  • management selection.

Aircraft selection.

  • cost analysis
  • lease and purchase arranged

Business plans and sales/marketing plans.

Recruitment plus training and operation of sales/marketing departments.

Promotional events and exhibitions. Advertising and publicity promotion and planning.